Continuing to Grow & Learn Keeps You & You're Business Thriving!

Just like any other business, in order to continue to grow and prosper… it’s also important to continue to learn. That’s why we’ve developed our Art & Crafts Learning Center.

Below you’ll find a variety of articles on a wide range of subjects which constantly have come up over the last few decades we’ve been in business. We hope you find these valuable! If you have suggestions as to how we could improve… or additional articles we could include… by all means please let us know!

Thieves Among Us!

These days all of us know how hard we have to work to make the same amount… or maybe somewhat less money than we made

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Pop The Top on Sales!

Whenever I go to a show and look down a street that’s lined with hundreds of exhibitors or maybe some park crammed completely full, it’s

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First Show Jitters…

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re on your way to the first show you’ve ever participated in.  If your extra lucky you have someone who loves

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First Year Shows… Worth Trying or NOT!

There are a lot of choices and dilemmas we face as artists and craftsmen… some are easy, some not so much!  Choosing whether to participate in a first year event is one of those situations I’ll put in the “dilemma” category!

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